We provide warehousing and distribution centers for companies with a need for a high-performance, yet flexible infrastructure. Through our shared logistics capabilities, our customers gain the benefits of our customized services. We offer real-time access to inventory status using a simple, intuitive method in managing your inventory. 

Our state of the art system includes bar code scanning, compliance labeling, space optimization and value-added support services. We offer a wide variety of warehousing, distribution, and value-added services designed to speed up your supply chain as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 

By utilizing our efficiencies and experience to reduce your total cost of Warehousing and Distribution, your company can focus its time and money on what really matters in your industry instead of wasting valuable resources on logistics. 

We offer customs clearance services to the desiring customers as add on services. We get the necessary documentations done well in time and arrange for the inspection and clearance of cargo and ensure hassle free transportation of your shipments to the warehouse/ factory. 

We are adapted to fully automated system of customs documentation which makes it easy, accurate and efficient.

TRANSPEED  provide high level professional warehousing services and care that is the assurance of the safe arrival of your product anywhere, anytime.
Through our integrated inventory management system, we not only provide control on a worldwide basis but also allow customers to supplement and redistribute cargo. This approach reduces cycle time while assuring constant availability of product.
We offer special warehousing facilities for containerized, refrigerated and hazardous materials.
  •  Spacious Warehouse
  •  Warehousing at ICDs
  •  Safe & Secure Warehouses
  •  High-Tech Inventory
  •  Cost Efficient Distribution Solutions
  •  Hassle-Free Online Payment